Current Work

Ceremonial Sketches

This full-length evening show premiered in July, 2012 at the Scotiabank Dance Center in Vancouver, Canada. Ceremonial Sketches explores and abstract life's stages. We travel from childhood through adulthood and into senescence, pausing to explicate landmarks such as birthdays, puberty, and marriage. We also contemplate life;s routines and mundance moments with pedestrain choreography presented in gridlike patterns. Joyous and mournful solos punctuate the abstract narrative, while trios provides its backbone. While each character inhabits her own microcosm, the group both supports her story world and creates a though line. Sketches become a literal aspect of the environment as thematic illustrations come to like in the background. At a key moment, clandestine performers flood the stage enclosing the core three in anonymity.

Past Work

Solitude Study No. 2 Trio, 10 mins Nicole Dupuis (guest artist)
Min Rotter Solo, 7 mins Aoki
Spun Off Trio, 10 mins Triadic
Newsworthy Trio, 7 mins Aoki
Longing Gone Trio, 8 mins Natalie Gan (guest artist)
Slow Dance Duet, 5 mins Edwards
Droid Fates Trio, 4 mins Myler
C1.2 Duet, 6 mins Triadic
Over There Duet, 3 mins Myler
Mirage Solo, 3 mins Edwards
Sight Unseen Solo, 3 mins Myler
Siwan Trio, 11 mins Myler
Soccer Mom Trio Trio, 3 mins Kat Single-Dain (guest artist)
The Fine and Fateful Line Ensemble, 5 mins Triadic
Alteration of 6ís Solo, 2 mins Aoki
PEER Duet, 5 mins Aoki
Breath Mark Duet, 3 mins Edwards
Jell-O on Springs Solo, 5 mins Myler
Moods Solo, 5 mins Aoki