About Triadic Dance Works

TDW is a collaborative dance collective based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past two years, we have been commited to broadening the audience for contemporary dance by performing relevant, accessible works in both traditional and unusual settings. We have performed extensively in our hometown and neighboring cities such as Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Seattle, Washington, as well as in Berlin, Germany. We have danced at outdoor festivals, on lawns, in carports, at the Planetarium, and in cabarets. We have done full-bodied abstract works, performed as roving characters, and ventured into theatrical explorations. Interdisciplinary work has always been of interest to us; so far we have collaborated with composers to create original scores, visual artists to create dynamic settings, and filmmakers to transpose our choreography to the screen.

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Jennifer Aoki is a freelance contemporary dance artist from Vancouver , Canada. She received her formal dance training from Simon Fraser University, and obtained a BFA in Dance in June 2010. Aoki co-founded Triadic Dance Works, a local dance collective, with fellow Vancouver contemporary dance artists in September 2010. She received a scholarship from Edam Dance in January 2011, and was fortunate to participate in a nine-month solo choreography workshop led by Barbara Bourget which began in September 2011 at the Scotiabank Dance Centre. Internationally, Aoki has performed in Seattle Washington in TDW's Spun Off in February 2012, as well as in Carlos Sandoval's Parasite Intervention Project in September 2012, which called for an hour-long improvisation in a bustling intersection in Berlin, Germany. She collaborated with composer Jakob Liljenwall in the creation of Newsworthy, as well as composer Zane Barratt in the creation of her two solo from Ceremonial Sketches. Aoki also teaches dance throughout the Lower-Mainland, and enjoys sharing her passion for dance with her students. She is currently choreographing a new work: a 3 part solo that explores the stages of aging and depicts from her life's own stories, and will be performed in December 2012 as part of the Launch Pad series.

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